10 Of the Beautiful Balayage Brown Looks on The Beauty Niche

For the first time, let’s be honest with ourselves. Balayage brown does not really get the credit it deserves. Many ladies think that this shade is all about sun-kissed colours. However, there is more than this attribute than you can imagine.

Brown balayage technically looks great on everyone. Find this information here. We have compiled some of the best top ten brown balayage styles for your consideration. After all, it is the right time we understood the brunette balayage hair and how to customise it for your style.


1. Barely There-Brown Balayage

This is a classic way to pull of brown balayage on naturally dark hair. just don’t forget to keep the roots and the face-framing locks more mysterious, and work on the warmth of your preferred shade. This helps significantly in complementing the afro-Caribbean undertones.

2. Soft Caramels with Brunette

Don’t be blackmailed to believe that brown balayage is dreary. Especially ladies with dark hair can find it more exciting and cuter.


3. Tan Balayage With Shades of Red and Auburn

Girls with brunette hair can really have fun with this hairstyle. The autumnal shades blend perfectly well on the dark hair. The combination of Auburn and red with brown balayage gives you a fresh finish.

4. Red Highlights with Brown Hints

For those daring ladies, this is an ideal hairstyle for you. It is a dramatical look that gives you a lasting impression. If you want something bold, then what works better than this?


5. Brunette Balayage With Fringe

This fringe paired brunette balayage frames your face extraordinarily accentuating the main facial features. Go for the feathered bangs for your balayage and have a look that is fun and flattery.

6. Chocolate Balayage Highlights

No need to change your darker hair if you love it. This chocolate balayage looks excellent for the ladies with black locks or caramel locks. It is more beautiful when worked from the mid-lengths down to the trimmings of the hair.


7. Shades of Brown with Blonde Highlights

This soft natural look has different hues of browns, with some hints of blonde that contributes to more depth. This makes sure the colour is never flat, and therefore you can work on your base tones to grow each strand.

8. Sun-Kissed Hairstyle with Caramel and Brown Highlights

Give this sun-kissed look an uplift by maintaining the colour transition. The roots should be kept uncoloured, while the brown highlights make it look as if you spend an entire year on a tropical beach.


9. A touch of Blonde with Balayage Highlights

This fun hairstyle is taken to a different level with the combination of multiple shades into a single ‘do. The light hues worked out from the mid-length give the hair a badass ‘wow’ factor we all want.

10. Brown Balayage with Coffee Shades

Maintain your true natural look with this hairstyle. It adds lots of depth and vibrancy to your hair. Besides, it is a low maintenance style.…

Cosy Up to These Super Cute Undercut Women Asymmetrical Bobs

Asymmetrical bob undercut women hairstyles has been on the trend for decades now. It is a lady’s hairstyle that rock on all ladies of different skin tones and hair textures. They are characterised by outstanding angles that range from sharp and aggressive to sleek and beautiful.

If you are considering giving a shot to a bob haircut, or you simply want to add some angles to your style for some inspiration, here is a list of ten elegant undercut women asymmetrical bobs you will inevitably fall in love with.


1. Medium-Full Curls

The medium ringlets of these undercut women asymmetrical bob are fun and flirty. Match it with your pink lips and miniskirt for a perfect look.

2. White Layers

The lengthy layers of all sizes and shape are explicitly revealed creating a perfect contrast and very fantastic finish.  The white locks of this haircut make it ideal for the hot seasons on the beaches and swimming in the pool. You can match it with red lips for a catchier look.


3. Tousled Layers

Ideal for casual events or rock concerts. The tousled haircut is fun and accentuated with a lot of trimmed layers to enhance the texture.

4. Asymmetrical Back

In most cases, the asymmetrical bob features a contrast at the front. However, you can opt to switch it with some angle at the back. Doing so gives this haircut a sophisticated and unique look with lots of angles throughout the entire cut from the back to the front. Gorgeous!


5. Asymmetrical Side Shave

Classy and fun, this look is all about being edgy and enjoying every moment of your life. Trendy gray and white manes are beautiful into gorgeous undercut women asymmetrical bob haircut, with a unique shaved part at the underneath.

6. Tossed to The Side

This super long asymmetrical bob is a standard everyday style that is ideal for ladies of all ages. The hair is side-parted and rolled over for a flirty and friendly finish.


7. Eye-Skimming with Ombre

This is a pretty face-framing haircut with one side set free to dangle on the side along the chin. A black and white ombre are matched with each other to give it a more flare and attitude.

8. Lengthy Hot Pink Tips

The days of getting wild by your locks are gone. This look incorporates a touch of hot pink at the tips to change the entire style in a flash. How cool is that?


9. Layers and Teasing

Incorporating light colours at the top and darker underneath gives these women undercut look with lots of dimensions added by the lowlights and highlights.  The mane is further tousled up by adding more layers and teasing them to make the hair bouncy, fun and trendy look.

10. Gray And White

The combination of these two colours is what makes this haircut POP.…