Sensational Cuts for Short Hairstyles

You know better than anyone that a short haircut can be chic, sunny or sultry. But when you need a change, there is nothing better for short hairstyles than a trim, new highlights or gorgeous color. Pixies and bobs are so versatile because they can be smooth or full, symmetrical or not, and bursting with spectacular highlights. Choose your best look and go with it because change livens up every scene.

Short Haircuts with Sensational Style

Curly Brown Bob with Blonde Tips

With wavy curls and gorgeous shape, the back is tapered to graduate the length from longer curls in front and to shorter curls in the back. The brown roots and blonde tips give you a luxurious, sun-kissed look.

Light Brown Ombre Choppy Bob

Combine dark and light hues for a striking look. A contrasting ombre paired with a little messy styling and you’ll be ready for anything.

Blonde Boy-Cut with Quiff and Silver Balayage

This sharp and sophisticated look has some longer length on top with shortly cropped sides. The added height from the quiff will flatter and elongate your face. Add a pinky-beige root color and silver blonde tips for a contemporary style.

Graduated Bob with Blonde Highlights

With super thick hair, you get a huge amount of volume. An asymmetrical cut with contracting highlights makes this eye-popping style a favorite.

Loose Waves with Three-Tone Color

Everyone wants that genuine, been-to-the-beach look. A blend of several colors professionally placed for a natural look gives you these stop in your tracks highlights.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

This cut gives you an easy transition from a bob to a pixie.  Keep some length in the front and you’ll still have a variety of styling options. Add a well-placed splash of lavender color to bring out the beauty in your hair.

Short A-Line Copper Bob

If you have plenty of thick straight hair, this stunning copper color makes puts you at center stage. Choppy layers bump up up the volume and the graduated back gives you an awesome shape with short hairstyles.

Stacked Bob with Blonde Highlights

This distinctive stacked bob looks amazing with bold blonde highlights that make this hairstyle pop. With a taper from the neckline to longer locks in front, the top few layers of thick blonde highlights bring home the gold.

Wavy A-Line Bob

If you have naturally wavy hair, this trendy style might just be for you. With an inverted cut from back to front, your waves will make this a super easy, low maintenance style that looks fantastic.

Green and Purple Inverted Bob

Great for round faces, this inverted bob can elongate your face and give you a smashing color makeover at the same time. Lovely green shades with touches of purple and blue highlights give this look a fun appeal.