Land a job Offer at Your Next Interview

Have you just landed an interview for what could be your dream job? No doubt you are consumed with a combination of excitement and anxiety. Remind yourself that you would not have been selected for an interview if your skill set and experience level didn’t meet the requirements for the position. The job interview is the opportunity for the hiring manager to gauge your personality, character and ability to work with the existing team. The job interview is a two way street. It is also an opportunity for you to determine if this position and company are a fit with your demeanor and career aspirations. Take a deep breath and follow these recommendations from the human resources professionals and you’ll be more apt to leave the interview process with a job offer.

You only have one opportunity to make a positive first impression. The most important thing to wear to a job interview is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. In addition to that, plan to dress in professional attire. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the huge assortment of suits and sport coats available from Jos A. Bank. Pair that with a light color solid shirt and a muted tie and you’ve just set a perfect tone for the interview.

Research the company by reading through all the pages on their website. Become familiar with the product or service line as well as the industry. The hiring manager will want to know that you’ve completed this research and will no doubt ask if you have questions about the company or the position. As you conduct your research, you will no doubt uncover additional questions to pose to the hiring manager. Ask these at the appropriate time during the interview.

At the conclusion of the interview, if you indeed are interested in the position, express your desire to be considered for the position. On the same day as the interview, post a hand written note thanking the hiring manager for their time and again expressing your interest in the position. Best of luck to you!