High Fade Haircuts We All Want to Copy This Year

The summer season is here with us again. So, you should say goodbye to your long hair and embrace one of these sleek fade haircuts to feel and look cool. They are short and sharp haircuts that will provide all the comfort and sophistication you have been looking for.

So, if you have been wearing pompadour, and undercut or a perfect curly hair, give your hair a fresh and crisp look by incorporating a high skin fade. Don’t you know where to start? Put your razor down, and sit back since we will show you all the cutest high fade hairstyles to opt for this year.

1. High Skin Fade Undercut

Making its comeback as the common hair trend for men, the undercut incorporates an extended hair on the top which may either be styled slicked back, pompadour or quiff. Otherwise, those extended tresses can be changed into what is now referred to as ‘the man-bun’ finally the key to achieving this look is to clip both the back and sides of the head nicely. Rather than keeping the hair straight, incorporate a little character to your look.

2. High Skin Fade with Faux Hawk

If you like Mohawk, but your boss doesn’t like it, then opting for this high skin fade with faux hawk could offer you a solution. Getting its inspiration from the vintage punk Mohawk, this design incorporates a cropped high fade at the sides and elongated hair at the top that is swirled upwards. For a more dramatic look, match your faux hawk with high skin fade. Otherwise, you can go for a raised taper fade for a bold, yet quiet office suitable, fresh style.

3. High Bald Fade

A trendiest and best choice for men, and it is not going anywhere any soon. Just as the skin fade, this bald fade incorporates a subtle shave below the fade line. It is the best alternative for men who need to keep their best style up top. Whether you want a military cut, slicked black hair or curls, the high bald fade is the perfect solution for your next haircut.

4. High Skin Fade Comb-Over

Whether you are a pro when it comes to styling or you are a man who strangles every day with his razor, this standard comb-over is a style that any man can create. This stunning look only needs you to part your hair on either side of your head and then comb it to the direction of the other side. To take it to a new level, add a high fade and get an instant sophistication.

5. High Temp Fade

Just as the name suggests, this haircut emphasizes on the temples. It encompasses coming up with unique and angular shape with a line around a temple. This conventional style is highly versatile as it can be styled with different variations at the top.