Brilliant Medium Hairstyles for the New Year

It’s a new year and you are ready for a change. Why not start with your hair? You get a new look fast and a kick start for those new year’s resolutions. When you go to your stylist, try something totally different with medium hairstyles.

The style to have this year lets you keep some length but is big on versatility. Your locks will look gorgeous with some of these hot styles and colors. Everyone will sit up and take notice of your brand new style.

Make Your New Year Shine with these Medium Hairstyles


  1. Beachy Waves

This style makes your hair looks fun and effortless. These beachy waves are always a low-maintenance favorite. Use hair care products that are specially made to give you that texture and wave that is so hot. A few sprays of a sea salt sprays and these beachy waves are all yours.

  1. Braid-able

If you love this look, this style is for you. Remember to let your stylist know that you want to keep enough length for a braid or ponytail. So you can still get that romantic or sporty look that makes you who you are.

  1. Super Straight

The modern straight cut lob is one of the most popular medium hairstyles. This sleek look has very little texture. It gives you a unique style with angles and straight lines, so you’ll hear the compliments rolling in with this chic style.

  1. Grey Locks

Try this amazing look to turn heads wherever you go. It takes some patience to get this hot style, with bleaching and toning to get just the right hue. But the finished product will make you the star of the medium hairstyles show.

  1. Bedhead

Perfect for medium hairstyles if you like love this casual look. A round of dry shampoo and some texturizing spray and your premium bedhead locks are ready to go.

  1. Classic Long Bob

The classic lob tops the list of medium hairstyles for a reason. Longer in front and shorter in back gives you the versatility you want and the look you need. It looks great with tousled texture to give you some dimension. Plus, a couple of well-placed caramel highlights make your hairstyle pop.

  1. Middle Part

This retro look is making a modern comeback for medium hairstyles. To make this look even better, use some volumizing spray at the roots. And a little teasing at the roots will get you the volume you want.