Protein Hair Treatment

Protein Hair TreatmentThere is excellent debate scurrying about the hair neighborhood about the use of protein on one’s hair. Coconut oil helps protect the moisture levels & protein integrity of the hair when utilized as a pre-poo but that is not a guarantee for chemical processing. For employing this protein treatment, you may possibly want to attempt it half-strength if you’ve by no means employed it ahead of and be certain to comply with it with a lot of conditioner or an intense (deep) conditioning if it feels rough. If your hair is not breaking you do not require everyday or even weekly protein therapies. I use either Shikai Every single Day Naturals conditioner or Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner right after my protein treatments to restore moisture. If you have styling products in your hair, let the oil be on for closer to 8 hours.

As soon as per week or as soon as every single two weeks is typical for protein treatments when hair responds effectively to protein (does not get as well stiff nor also soft). Too considerably acid will interfere with the protein’s capability to bond with your hair (yes, it does a little of that). I live in a hot and humid climate and I suspect my hair needed the protein with the relentless sun shining down on my head the complete yr round. Like hair conditioners, much more proteins will be taken up the longer the protein is on the hair, or with heat.

If I were mixing this up for myself, I would start with half the listed quantity of gelatin in the recipe above and then use about the same quantity of collagen (about three.five g every of gelatin and collagen or 1 1/four teaspoon of each). 1 styling trick for smoother hair although air drying is to put damp hair in 1 or two loose buns for a little even though to manage volume and produce smoothness. I wonder, if I could do a DIY leave-in spray with just Keratin and Silk Protein added to water. My hair appears to have stopped responding to moisturising remedies and has recently turn into brittle/frizzy/dry (im asian but have naturally very thick/curly/frizzy hair). Apply the gelatin gel and blow dry your hair on medium to higher heat till dry (don’t bend it – it will be crunchy and solid). One way to combine protein and oil pre-wash remedies is to apply oil four-8 hours just before you wash your hair.Protein Hair Treatment

While I certainly comprehend attempting to save time, you really only require to do a heavy duty protein remedy when a month (even significantly less if your hair is in great situation). I cannot worry about the debate but I can inform you what works for me. I’ve found that utilizing the heat aids the hair shaft swell open, permitting the protein to bond to the hair, thereby strengthening it. I constantly use heat with a protein therapy. For example, if you use both keratin protein and silk protein, the total ought to equal 3%. You could use 1% of 1 and two% of the other, or 1.five% of every. Texture wise, my hair is quite fine, but thick (as in I have a lot of hair, but every single person hair is thin) and frizzy with a lot of volume and flyaways. Some individuals need to stick to up protein with extra conditioner, left on the hair a bit longer than usual.

If you get a very good outcome – let’s say your hair is shinier, a little much less frizzy or flyaway and feels a lot more substantial when it is wet, then repeat the remedy when that outcome begins to fade. JBCO Protein conditioner is a fantastic upkeep product but my staple protein conditioning treatment is a DIY goat’s milk and honey conditioner that I use faithfully every single two weeks.