Enhancing your corporate event with a photo booth

Business events typically have a similar structure, and apart from the content, it can become monotonous for attendees. How not stand out and make the event memorable with a photo-taking addition? Photo booths are a welcome addition that boosts interactions and acts as a fantastic icebreaker. Highlighted below are reasons you should get a photo booth for your next business event.

You don’t have to be in charge

Setting up and clearing up are stresses that every event planner goes through. However, with a photo booth, this is not something that is of concern. When you hire a photo booth company, they come with two or more assistants that are in charge of ensuring the booth is up and running before guests arrive and take it down when it’s over. That accords you the opportunity to focus on what matters more when dealing with airline executives, FDA consultants or other clients.

You get instant prints 

Another aspect that makes photo booths ideal is that you get instant prints that your attendees can have for a keepsake. It’s a convenient way to capture memories. What makes it different from hiring an event photographer is that usually, the only people who get to see the photos are the person who liaised with them. Unless a company is active on social media, people rarely see the images they featured in during the event.

They are customizable

There are two ways photo booths allow for customization. The first is the props that come with the service. Guests have a selection of items to choose from when taking a photo. The purpose of these props is to bring out the playful side of guests, an aspect that helps them loosen up and be ready for what’s to come. The other customization option is the template that the prints are made in. They typically have the company logo, the event name, and the date. That way, when the guests take the copies with them, looking back, they’ll be able to tell what event it was.

It’s less intrusive than having a photographer

If you’ve been to an event and the photographer insisted upon you taking a photo, then you know the frustration of being forced to smile for a picture you were not ready to be in. A photo booth, therefore, makes for a more professional option as guests have the option of opting out should they feel uncomfortable.…